The KMAK595 Digital Voice Coach…the most Innovative Vocal Tool in the Country!

See what you are singing!

The KMAK595 Digital Voice Coach is a software program which will allow the user to see the harmonic spectra of the human voice. Our Program is beneficial for anyone from the beginning musician to music professionals. We specifically designed our program to be user friendly so that it could be understood by people with little to no pedagogical knowledge. Using the KMAK595 software in conjunction with a microphone allows the user to see a clear representation of their voice on their computer screen. For a music educator this harmonic reading can be tracked and even printed out, which could prove useful when it comes to tracking standards and assessments of their students!

Why Our Product is Unique

Other programs similar to the KMAK595 digital voice coach are available, however they often lack the print out function, and other programs that do offer the print out function are often hard to read making teachers unable to decipher the readings.

What we offer is a scientific tool that will enable you to present empirical evidence of improvement from your students which may provide help when trying to meet state assessments and standards requirements. Why rely on subjective statements like “I think you have made great improvements this semester” when you can provide hard evidence of improvement?

The specific difference between our program and other programs out there is that other programs present vocal harmonics as a spectrograph, which means you would need an advanced knowledge of vocal acoustics to interpret the data.

The KMAK595 digital voice coach presents the same data in a simple to interpret graphical plot, similar to a bar graph, is user-friendly, competitively priced, and easy to interpret, without any specialized hardware. Plus, we offer instructional videos to help use and understand our program, and we are always willing to respond to questions via email or phone regarding our KMAK595.

Priced to fit any music budget, the KMAK595, will bring instant gratification to both teacher and student alike! We are passionate about music education and want to see you take your music ensemble to the next level!

Helping school choir teachers easily reach State Assessment Standards! 

 The KMAK595 is currently helping teachers in Colorado and Texas with testing and state assessment requirements. Using the KMAK595 can provide a valuable read-out to show graphically improvement in harmonics in both the voice as well as with instruments.

We believe in customer satisfaction! If you purchase the KMAK595 digital voice coach software, any enhancements, updates or upgrades within 2 years of your purchase will be provided to you free of charge.

We are willing to travel anywhere within the United States to educate students and teachers in the art of singing and voice performances; What are you waiting for? We can send you the KMAK595 today so you can begin seeing your voice, and your student’s voices, right away.

        The KMAK595 is currently available for all Windows Operating systems and Mac OS

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Bottoms School of Vocal Acoustics (BSVA)
offers the most comprehensive professional voice coaching and musical instruction solutions. We provide teachers and students with professional voice coaching and musical instruction services.

With more than 50 years of professional experience, we are highly confident in our ability to assist you in achieving your musical goals. We offer a variety of ways to help you succeed, including the KMAK595 digital voice coach software program, step-by-step musical instruction tutorials, and live voice demonstration workshops. We have experience in working with all types of musicians and singing styles, and take great pride in our ability to develop new power and shape to your voice.

At BSVA, we have a passion for music. Furthermore, we have a passion for making your vocal dreams a reality. With our coaching and instruction services, your vocal performance will soar to new heights as you discover the voice that you never knew you had. Listen to what one of our students has to say;

“My experience working with (BSVA) has given me the self-confidence to go out into the performing world again”.  –Elizabeth Gore Stanley

Music Instruction Made Easy

We’ve created a simple learning solution for teachers, students, and aspiring musicians to follow. These vocal training tools are designed to accommodate everyone, including those with no knowledge of music. “The informality of your approach makes it possible for you to transfer a great deal of complicated scientific knowledge to the viewer without the normal academic immobilization. Your points are well demonstrated”. –Kevin McCarthy, PHD, Retired Music Professor, CU Boulder

Unlike other voice coaching companies and educators, our system is unique in its approach to helping singers achieve great heights. When you utilize our user friendly products, you will notice a difference in your vocal skill set and ability.

Dr. Bottoms is much more than a teacher…he’s a voice scientist!

BSVA has taken vocal science and made it user friendly!


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